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ID:     74000876
Type:     Central Europe and Italy
Region:     Lombardy and Tuscany
City:     Regal Coinage
Issuer:     Aistulf
Date Ruled:     749-756 AD
Metal:     Bronze
Denomination:     Follis
Struck / Cast:     struck
Date Struck:     AD 749-756
Weight:     0.92 g
Die Axis:     6 h
Obverse Legend:     [D N AISTVL]F PRN
Obverse Description:     Bearded, 'uncrowned' draped bust of Aistulf facing, [holding globus cruciger in right hand]; hair parted frontally in the Lombard fashion, [wearing a diadem surmounted by a cross]
Reverse Legend:     [D N AISTVLF RX] / S
Reverse Description:     Crowned and bearded bust of Aistulf facing, wearing robes of state, holding scepter in right hand, possibly terminating in a cross(?); S (indictional date) in right field
Mint:     Ravenna
Primary Reference:     cf. Triton VII, 1070, otherwise unpublished
Photograph Credit:     Classical Numismatic Group
Grade:     VF, dark green patina, small section broken and repaired
Notes:     Sale: Triton X, Lot: 876 Extremely rare, apparently the second known. This recently discovered coin type of Aistulf, struck in Ravenna in 752/3, appears to present startling new historical and constitutional evidence on early medieval Italy. Aistulf apparently proclaimed himself princeps after his conquest of Ravenna in 750/1. Previously, the earliest attested numismatic use of this title was by Arichis II of Beneventum (see next lot), who altered his title from dux to princeps after Charlemagne's overthrow of the Lombard kingdom in 774. An article on this new type, by M.D. O'Hara, with I. Vecchi, is forthcoming.