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Ancient and Medieval Far East Regions
Eastern Han Dynasty ()
Misc. Wu Zhu Types
Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms ()
Later Liang Dynasty
Later Tang Dynasty
Later Jin Dynasty
Later Han Dynasty
Later Zhou Dynasty
Former Shu Kingdom
Min Kingdom
Chu Kingdom
Later Shu Kingdom
Southern Tang Kingdom
Southern Han Kingdom
You Zhou Autonomous Region
Hsin Dynasty ()
Wang Mang (295)
Jin Dynasty ()
King Hai Ling
Emperor Shi Zong
Emperor Zhang Zong
King Wei Shao
Emperor Zuan Zong
Jin Dynasty and 16 Kingdoms ()
Eastern Jin
Former Liang Kingdom (0)
Later Zhao Kingdom (1)
Cheng Han Kingdom (2)
Xia Kingdom (0)
Liao Dynasty ()
Emperor Tai Zong
Emperor Shi Zong
Emperor Mu Zong
Emperor Jing Zong
Emperor Sheng Zong
Emperor Xing Zong
Emperor Dao Zong
Emperor Tian Zuo
Unknown Emperors
Ming Dynasty ()
Zhu Yuangzhang
Emperor Tai Zu
Emperor Cheng Zu
Emperor Xuan Zong
Emperor Xiao Zong
Emperor Shi Zong
Emperor Mu Zong
Shen Zong
Emperor Guang Zong
Emperor Xi Zong
Emperor Si Zong
Ming/Qing Rebels ()
Li Zicheng
Zhang Xianzhong
Sun Kewang
Prince of Fu
Prince of Lu
Prince of Tang
Prince of Yong Ming
Wu Sangui
Wu Shifan
Geng Jingshong
Mongol Khans ()
Ghengis Khan
North and South Dynasties ()
Song Dynasty
Liang Dynasty
Chen Dynasty
Northern Wei Dynasty
Northern Qi Dynasty
Northern Zhou Dynasty
Western Wei Dynasty
Uncertain (18)
Northern Sung Dynasty ()
Emperor Tai Zu
Emperor Tai Zong
Emperor Zhen Zong
Emperor Ren Zong
Emperor Ying Zong
Emperor Shen Zong
Emperor Zhe Zong
Hui Zong
Emperor Qin Zong
Rebel Li Shun (0)
Qi State ()
Liu Yu
Qin Dynasty ()
Pan Liang Types
Qing Dynasty ()
Emperor Shi Zu
Emperor Sheng Zu
Emperor Shi Zong
Emperor Gao Zong
Emperor Ren Zong
Emperor Xuan Zong
Emperor Wen Zong
Emperor Mu Zong
Rashidin Khan (9)
Emperor De Zong
Emperor Pu Yi
Southern Sung Dynasty ()
Emperor Gao Zong
Emperor Xiao Zong
Emperor Guang Zong
Emperor Ning Zong
Emperor Li Zong
Emperor Du Zong
Coin Tallies (0)
Sui Dynasty ()
Tang Dynasty ()
Kai Yuan Early Types (16)
Kai Yuan Middle Types (71)
Kai Yuan Late Types (69)
Kai Yuan Huichang Types (71)
Emperor Gao Zong
Emperor Su Zong
Emperor Dai Zong (2)
Emperor De Zong
Emperor Yi Zong
Tang Rebels ()
Three Kingdoms Era ()
Shu Kingdom (21)
Wu Kingdom (6)
Wei Kingdom
Western Han Dynasty ()
Pan Liang Types
Wu Zhu Types
Western Xia Dynasty ()
Emperor Yi Zong
Emperor Hui Zong
Emperor Chong Zong
Emperor Ren Zong
Emperor Huan Zong
Xiang Zong
Sheng Zong
Yuan Dynasty ()
Emperor Shi Zu
Emperor Cheng Zong
Emperor Wu Zong
Emperor Ren Zong
Emperor Ying Zong
Emperor Tai Ding
Emperor Wen Zong
Emperor Shun
Yuan Rebels ()
Han Lin'er
Zhang Shicheng
Xu Shouhui
Chen Youliang
Zhou Dynasty ()
Cowrie Types (121)
Non-Cowrie Ethnograhic Types (0)
Hollow Handled Spade Types
Flat Handle Spade Types
Knife Types
Chu Gold Cubes (0)
Round Coin Types